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SCF Staff VR Training


Accelerate your staff training with virtual reality. The DoVille SCF Platform is a complete and continuously updated training program for staff delivered on the Oculus Quest for Business headset.

Project Whitecard Digital develops this content for RNs at SCFs, starting with a module to develop earlier empathy for geriatric patients, which is sometimes referred to as the first step in the ethical care of clients and geriatric patients.

Using a full facility simulation, staff trace the footsteps of client experiences.

For comparison, recent studies to develop health skills in virtual reality showed up to 570% faster uptake on pedagogical goals (Download the PDF related to surgery and the Oculus Quest)*.

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We are also developing client therapies, including "DoVille Adventures," and "DoVille Travel."

44 million people are effected worldwide with dementia / Alzheimer disease. DoVille Adventures is a Virtual Reality (VR) application with proven efficacy to stimulate the hippocampus area of the brain where memory is controlled.

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We have a fascinating new white paper on training with VR for registered nurses being developed right now.


SCF Staff VR Training



VR Therapy Whitepaper

Can Virtual Reality Be Used as Therapy?

The science behind doVille is compelling. As we know, there is evidence that brain volume, including that of the hippocampus decreases with advancing age. However, it has been discovered that the hippocampus is one of the few brain structures that continues to generate new cells.


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