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Becoming an Independent doVille Reseller

As a trusted provider to the Long Term Care Facility market, you are always on the lookout for the competitive edge that innovation provides. doVille is the breakthrough innovative Virtual Reality therapy that brings joy and improvement to LTC residents and families. Our quick start program allows a facility to be up and running with doVille programming in no time. If your organization offers support and training to programming departments, then doVille is the perfect fit to expand your revenues.


doVille® Salutes Front Line Program Therapists

How Does doVille Work?

doVille is a Virtual Reality (VR) therapy that stimulates the memory area of the brain. doVille takes a senior back to a place that is familiar, fun, and stimulating. The first doVille chapter takes the resident to a beach community with balloon rides and an amusement park. doVille leverages a combination of stimulus that provides a multitude of benefits. First, VR engages the Vestibular Stimulus in the brain which modulates neuro-transmitters which are essential to retain memory as the brain ages. Second, residents engage in the therapy sitting in a rotating chair that adds movement to the equation. The 3D presentation of VR is immersive, further enhancing the resident experience.

doVille adds a gaming component to the VR experience that science suggests improves short-term memory while showing increased grey matter in the cerebellum and hippocampus.

Residents look forward to visiting doVille and stimulating their memory. Adding doVille to an LTC’s programming will be the draw that a facility needs to reduce vacancy and attract private-pay residents.


What Type of Support Will doVille Provide?

doVille provides sales and programming training, joint client presentation, project management, and full reporting. Our team is focused on giving you all the tools that you will need to offer doVille independently to your LTC clients. Virtual support is available any time during regular business hours. We help you to become fully integrated with your client, sharing best practices and KPI's that drive mutual success.
While still remaining a fun VR experience for everyone, DoVille builds on the team’s groundbreaking work with interactive VR (a teen driving simulation), and has engaged scientists over the last year to provide direction. The team is confident we are at the forefront of shaping VR’s effects to facilitate an increase in hippocampal brain volume, which has fascinating potential and proven benefits.


Would You be a Great Independent Reseller Candidate?

Would You be a Great Independent Reseller Candidate?

If your organization is;

- selling to LTC programming executives
- providing a turn-key programming solution to facilities including personnel and support.
- looking to be a innovator in resident programming.

If this is your organization, you should learn more about how doVille can be a significant recurring revenue generator for your business.