Benefits of “DoVille Therapy Program”

How doVille Works for your staff


DoVille will be a fun immersive journey that your residents will look forward to. It will take them back in time to familiar positive experiences that will provide a welcome escape from current realities. 

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There is a large body of evidence that certain activities, including physical exercise, social engagement, and participating in cognitively challenging activities, is “neuroprotective”, i.e. that it can delay or prevent cognitive decline in older individuals, and in certain cases delay the onset of dementia in vulnerable individuals. Watch this short video to learn how DoVille can be a valueable asset in your therapy program.

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As a trusted provider to the Long Term Care Facility market, you are always on the lookout for the competitive edge that innovation provides. doVille is the breakthrough innovative Virtual Reality therapy that brings joy and improvement to LTC residents and families. Our quick start program allows a facility to be up and running with doVille programming in no time. If your organization offers support and training to programming departments, then doVille is the perfect fit to expand your revenues.

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Can Virtual Reality Be Used as Therapy?

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